sends a clear message when

a diaper needs changing



Wear&Care® sends a clear message when a diaper needs changing. A helpful and hopeful message of improved dignity, greater job satisfaction and freed-up resources.

Wear&Care® has been created for residents requiring care with moderate-to-severe incontinence. It is easy to use and easy to describe: Wear&Care® is an assistive aid that can make any type and brand of diaper intelligent and helpful, and let you know when they need to be changed – on a phone or other preferred device.


Be comfortable with the technical


Advanced technology with no wasted time and trouble:

The sensor measures the capacity of the diaper. The Inco-Transmitter transmits the measurements via a wi-fi network. A cloud-based GDPR-secured program analyses and saves data, and when needed sends the clear and helpful message to the staff’ preferred device. 


Costs & financial



During the development phase, we conducted extensive testing of Wear&Care®. Experience clearly shows that the use of Wear&Care® results in reduced diaper consumption, and fewer time and money-consuming bedding changes. The specific results indicate that use can be reduced by as much as 15%, and bedding changes by as much as 65%.


We offer tailored solutions, and of course thorough implementation and follow-up support.



“Wear&Care® can make any type and brand

of diaper intelligent”

Wear&Care Technologies is in Denmark and Germany

Made in Denmark  

made for the world

WEAR&CARE TECHNOLOGIES grows steadily on the Danish market and has founded a subsidiary company in Germany.

“Wear&Care® is a really fantastic product. During the test period, our diaper consumption fell, resulting at the same time in a greater sense of confidence and a better mood among our residents and staff.” 


Karina Lange, nursing home manager, Meta Marie Hjemmet

ABOUT Wear&Care Technologies

Wear&Care Technologies – a change for the better

Wear&Care Technologies creates and implements welfare technological solutions in the field of continence care. To be at eye level with the resident, when inventing and developing, is of course of outmost importance to us. But we also insist on gaining an overview, that makes it possible to care for everyone involved in the life of the user. 


Our first product, Wear&Care®, offers the opportunity for more dignity for the resident, greater job satisfaction for the staff, fewer worries for the next of kin and freed-up resources for the management. Everybody has to be recognized and included if good will, frontline technological innovation and hard work is to mount up to better care.  

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