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Wear&Care Technologies creates and implements welfare technological solutions in the field of continence care. To be at eye level with the resident, when inventing and developing, is of course of outmost importance to us. But we also insist on gaining an overview, that makes it possible to care for everyone involved in the life of the user. 


Our first product, Wear&Care®, offers the opportunity for more dignity for the resident, greater job satisfaction for the staff, fewer worries for the next of kin and freed-up resources for the management. Everybody has to be recognized and included if good will, frontline technological innovation and hard work is to mount up to better care.  



It’s said that all beginnings are hard. In our case, back in 2011, the first steps were actually very easy to take. The force behind it was a genuine concern and a very necessary question. We chose to ask ourselves: Our society and welfare system is facing great challenges concerning resources. Some of them due to the demographic development. How do we keep our level of services high, when more and more will need them and fewer is left to contribute to the economy and deliver on expectations and hold the standards high?


We wanted to focus on the growing share of elderly people and those with functional impairment, physically and/or mentally. The question was: Could we invent an intelligent, cost effective diaper-solution that would raise the quality of life and heighten the sense of dignity for people with moderate to severe incontinence? 

Not because technology can or should replace human care. On the contrary actually, it must free-up human resources and, first and foremost, contribute to better care for the residents and more fulfilling working conditions for the staff.  


These thoughts were tested on every level and then put into action. In 2012 Suma Care – now Wear&Care Technologies – was established, and the work on our first solution, Wear&Care® initiated. In 2019 it was introduced to the markets, and we continue to develop and expand its intelligence, helpfulness and possibilities of making a difference to more and more groups in need.

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