Costs and

financial gains


The establishment phase, which is a one-off investment, consists of the purchase of Inco-Transmitters and chargers, with the price based on your specific needs. This is of course also the case for the implementation costs, which always include thorough training and set-up, with the most important goal being the staff’s confidence with the technical aspects. You also get continuous technical support and implementation follow-up. One example is an offer by Wear&Care Technologies to provide ongoing training of new or other employees in the art of training other members of staff.



Once it has been established and implemented, Wear&Care® works as a monthly subscription service per resident.


The subscription covers the necessary sensor strips and unlimited access to the app and website, which send out clear messages.

Experience clearly shows that the use of Wear&Care® results in reduced diaper consumption, and fewer time and money-consuming bedding changes. The specific results indicate that use can be reduced by as much as 15%, and bedding changes by as much as 65%.



Product manager Anne Cordel on expenses, financial gains and implementation

Wear&Care® is implemented in different nursing and residential homes in Denmark. 


At these homes, it showed potential in terms of:

Less use of bedding, clothing and waste

Reduced incidence of skin irritations and pressure sores

Reduced incidence of urinary tract infections

Rapid confirmation when a diaper needs changing

Easier, automatic documentation of diaper changes via API

Fewer night-time calls for doctors and less use of

as-required medication

More time for core caring

Contact product manager Anne Cordel for more information, and a non-binding offer based on your specific needs and wishes.


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