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Advanced technology with no unnecessary trouble or time wasted:

The sensor measures the capacity of the diaper. The Inco-Transmitter transmits the measurements via a wi-fi network. A cloud-based GDPR-secured program analyses and saves data, and of course Wear&Care® sends a timely and helpful message – on any preferred device

The necessary technical preparations before the implementation of Wear&Care® are quickly taken care of. We supervise the implementation and work in collaboration with the individual care facility and the municipality’s own experts.

Technical aspects of Wear&Care


Product manager Anne Cordel on the technical aspect – as easy to use, as it is advanced


Wear&Care® needs only an available wifi-network and the standard devices already in use: Mobile phones, Dect or Tunstall. The Inco-Transmitter needs to be recharged in a regular power outlet with the chargers we supply.


When Wear&Care® is implemented the only thing care personnel have to concentrate on is affixing the sensor and Inco-Transmitter on the diaper, and carry on with work, knowing that Wear&Care® sends a message, when the diaper is in need of a change.


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