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Wear&Care® sends a clear message when a diaper needs changing.

Wear&Care® has been created for residents requiring care with moderate-to-severe incontinence. It is easy to use and easy to describe: Wear&Care® is an assistive aid that can make any type and brand of diaper intelligent and helpful.

  • Wear&Care® keeps the number of unnecessary checks, manually or using a scanner, to a minimum – checks that are both time-consuming and a nuisance for residents.

  • Wear&Care® spares both staff and residents from extensive and unnecessary moves and bedding changes resulting from a full diaper being discovered too late.

  • Wear&Care® helps to replace continuous concern with confidence and a good feeling among staff and relatives.

  • Wear&Care® helps institutions and municipalities to free up resources in order to provide more care.



Product manager Anne Cordel

on Wear&Care® – what it is,

and who it is for

Intellignt diaper with Wear&Care

Easy to use, saves time. As simple as can be:

A thin, self-adhesive sensor strip is attached to the outside of the diaper. A small plastic Inco-Transmitter is then clicked onto the strip, and as soon as the diaper needs to be changed, the relevant staff member receives a message on his or her mobile or other preferred device.

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